CREATIVE AND COOL is a distributor of board games, accessories and tie-in products.

Its founder has a long experience in distribution, particularly in video games, since he is behind the distribution companies: Codemasters and THQ in France.

CREATIVE AND COOL has also been creating figurines and collectibles for video games for more than 10 years. These experiences associated with the other activities of the group, publishing, communication, strategy make CREATIVE AND COOL an outstanding distributor. The goal is to turn your customers into Fans!

If the board game market is an enthusiast one, it is important that stores also have their fans. We therefore provide all the necessary marketing support for them to communicate and transmit information to their customers on social networks, in store.

To start, we are launching the mythical game "Gueules Noires", by Kiesling and Kramer, republished by C AND C PUBLISHING under the Coal Baron name.

You will discover on our booth our ranges of accessories and derivative products, and we will share with you our secrets for future game releases.