Créatrice d'Impossible

Créatrice d'Impossible

Enter the magical and mysterious world of Esor, Creator of the Impossible.

This Bordeaux-based alchemist artisan creates decorative and playful Potions, filled with surprises and amazing colors.

Each vial contains one or more dice, which reveal their results once the Potion is shaken.

Her magical potions are designed for explorers of imaginary worlds, role-players, LARPers, of all ages and in search of fantastic adventures. 
They will decorate your table and contribute to the atmosphere of your activities.
Let your imagination take flight when you shake your vial and observe the swirls that reveal your roll.
Available in various shapes and sizes, Esor offers you the opportunity to create custom Potions on demand.
You can tap into your creativity to compose vials that will fit perfectly to your universe.

Meet Esor and her wonderful assistants in the "Role Playing Games, Wargames and Figurines" area of the festival to discover her unique and magical creations.