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16 +

2 - 6

Dig Your Way Out


Dig Your Way Out

Dive into Dig Your Way Out in which you play as a prisoner willing to do anything to escape from Blackgate prison. To dig your hole as quickly as possible, tinker with salvaged items, smuggle cigarettes, beat up other prisoners or join a gang.

Every dirty tricks is allowed in jail! Bluff, show your muscles or on the contrary keep your head down, while trying to see through the other prisoners' schemes. Atmosphere guaranteed!

Dig Your Way Out is a beautiful game thanks to the illustrations of famous The Mico. His inimitable style brings the game to life and help players get under the skin of those colorful and tattooed characters!

The game mechanics of Dig Your Way Out are very immersive and yet minimalist. The rules are quickly learned while offering many strategies and twists. The core box also contains two expansions: The Michels and a Team Mode!

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