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Legacy of the Crown

Legacy of the Crown

Legacy of the Crown

Greetings, stranger!

Legacy of the Crown (LotC) is a tabletop role-playing game that immerses players in the Great Kingdom, a dystopian and technologically more advanced version of the Victorian United Kingdom, ravaged by internal strife and successive outbreaks of a mysterious deadly disease.

This Great Kingdom is now dominated by the tyrannical reign of Queen Victoria. The adventure takes place in 1886; at the beginning of the century, King William IV and his subjects discovered a revolutionary material that would change the history of technology: the Veredium. Its exploitation allowed an increased resource production, the invention of iron titans called MEKAs, the emergence of surveillance and combat drones, and a host of other technological feats. However, the use of this material came at a cost: the outbreak of a terrible epidemic, commonly known as the Rust, which transforms the population of the Great Kingdom into infamous bloodthirsty abominations, when it is not content to decimate them.

In a steampunk genre based on horror and investigation, LotC’s story takes root in the heart of an uchronic (and very eventful) Victorian England of the late 19th century. During their adventures, players will have to face unspeakable horrors, reveal dark secrets, evolve in their hierarchy… And avoid dying too soon.

Some figures on LotC:

-More than 100 LotC game sessions already organised! 

-More than 3,000 brave adventurers have already started their journey in the Great Kingdom!

-5 classes of characters: crown soldier, rust doctor, assassin, ranger and mercenary.

In order to explore this universe, we propose you an Initiation Kit composed of:

-The booklet containing Skully’s Gazette, to familiarize yourself with five essential rules of the LotC game system.

-The Pocket Guide to the Great Kingdom booklet, to give you an idea of how the LotC universe works.

-The booklet containing the Introduction Scenario The Ingit's Bite.

-Five ready-to-use pre-drawn character sheets.

-Game aids for the Introductory Scenario.

-A set of exclusive dice decorated by the greatest craftsmen of the Great Kingdom!

As a gift: the A4 illustration of a character drawn at random by our team.

Queen Victoria is waiting for you.