30' - 60'

10 +

2 - 4




Coal Baron is the new edition of the same-named game published in 2013. It has been created by the famous authors Michael KIESLING and Wolfgang KRAMER and is now illustrated by Frédéric BROGARD. This is a strategy game for initiated, from 10 years old, 2 to 4 players. A game lasts approximately 60 minutes.

Coal Baron is played in 3 rounds. When it's your turn, you realize an action by placing one or plus workers on the action spot of your choice. You can only choose an action that you are capable of doing or paying. An action always costs the amount of workers already on the action spot plus an additional worker, so you need to manage your human resources.

The action areas are numerous and all equally important. Taking orders will allow you to get new contracts to fulfill, the bank is the only way you can get money to buy minecarts to the factory. These minecarts will allow your miners to extract different quality of coal. Thanks to elevator moves, you will mine the coal and place them on corresponding orders. Then you can deliver them through the 4 different means of transport. Each delivered order makes you gain points.

A round is over when each baron has used all of his workers. At the end of each round, all players reveal their delivered orders and proceed with scoring. The more you move forward in the game, the more you get points. The gamer with the highest score will become the Coal Baron.

As you see, Coal Baron is a worker placement game that will allow you to gain points during the game but also at the end of each round. The mechanic and the rules are simple to understand but the game still needs a deep reflection. Whether you are initiate or expert, be sure Coal Baron will offer you a great time!