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After Us

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After Us

2083. Humanity has been extinct for several decades. In this abandoned world, the apes gather in tribes and use objects left behind by the humans. As the leader of one of these tribes, you set your fellow apes on the path to collective intelligence.

Overview of the rules

To win a game of After Us, you must reach 80 victory points before your opponents do. On each turn, players simultaneously draw the 4 top cards of their decks and combine them in front of them in order to form small boxes to activate. They can then activate each box, from left to right, to collect resources, gain victory points and trigger their apes’ special abilities. The core of the game lies in making the wisest combinations to obtain what you need at a given time, depending on the cards you drew.
Once the activation phase is over, players can add an ape to their tribe: a chimpanzee, a gorilla, a mandrill or an orangutan. The choice depends both on the currently available resources and the sought monkey’s ability.

A game by Florian Sirieix, with art by Vincent Dutrait

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