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Atlantis is about to sink underwater! Preparing for the upcoming cataclysm, the king sent his explorers to search for a new viable land for your people. Be the one to ensure the survival and renewal of the Atlantes civilization! 

Overview of the rules

Each of your turns starts with selecting one of the Action cards available at the center of the table. This choice carries important consequences for your island, determining both which terrains you will place on it to expand your discovery, and which action you can then perform to develop your civilization: producing Orichalcum, recruiting Hoplites, constructing buildings, or even a temple, forging a legendary orichalcum medallion, fighting threatening creatures to reconquer the land... take the best decisions to grow better and faster than your opponents. This action and tile selection action at the core of Orichalcum, concentrates tons of interesting dilemmas, allowing such a condensed strategy game to flirt with the feel of a bigger, "4X" style civilization game.

A game by Bruno Cathala & Johannes Goupy, with art by Paul Mafayon

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