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Paper Tales : Édition intégrale

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Paper Tales : Édition intégrale

Open the book of forgotten centuries to relive heroic times, full of fantastic creatures. Develop your Kingdom through time and compete with your opponents to write your legend!

Overview of the rules

Paper Tales is a subtle strategic game based on cards combinations. All the players act simultaneously for a condensed, tense, dynamic experience. Its original Units ageing system and tight space management make for a great depth and an important learning curve. 
On each turn, players start by drafting Units, all providing unique and varied types of abilities. Then you have to cleverly manage your gold and your tight available space for deploying the best combination of Units in your Kingdom towards your strategy. However, time passing by will add Age tokens on your Units from turn to turn, eventually wiping them away and pushing you to dynamically find new combos. Fortunately, you can spend resources to construct powerful Buildings that will help you build a wide array of strategies through time.
The two included expansions ensure an even higher replay value right out of the box!

A game by Masato Uesugi, with art by Christine Alcouffe

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