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25 Feb 2024
09:00 - 19:00
Stand Envies Enjeux - Zone d'exposition -1

Make society by the game

Proposé par : ENVIES ENJEUX

The Ludo-teaching is gainning ground and the virtues of learning by board games are now recognized.

However, games’ emotional and social dimensions aren’t much integreted in recreational mechanicals / Game-play. Moreover, serious games and Ludo-teaching tools could gain to enrich themselves to new mechanicals and thematics (following the exemples of Feelings, Totem…), by staying real games, to concern a large public and support the multi-dimentionality of social skills, to let the inclusion of the neuro-diversity…

Aren’t we talking about « board games » ? So why  the social skills question stay unexplored ? Wherein games and cooperative games pecisely let this exploration ? And why Ludo-teaching tools are still ignoring the diversity and the breadth of the recreational mechanicals ? If the meeting between educationalists, trainers… and games authors do not take place in Cannes, where is it going to be ?

Deployed thematics on the exhibition :

  • What’s a cooperative game ? (Definition)
  • Cooperative games’ rise ? (Story and new trends)
  • To play cooperative for amusement (Recreational mechanicals and impacts on players interactions)
  • Play to learn (Cooperative games and theories of learning)
  • Play to include (Neuro-diversity supplies, to include by cooperative game)
  • Play to develop ourselves (Emotional and social skills)
  • Play to aware (Games and environment / games and health, games and EVAR/ affective life’s education, relational and sexual)
  • Playing in training (Ludo-teaching for adults : group ‘s dynamics, decisions…)