OLEM is a unique and innovative interactive board game robot.

More than just a robot, OLEM is at the heart of every game. Whether you're a companion or an adversary, experience fluid games in real time, thanks to its autonomous movements on the board, its decision-making and its sensors that detect hands and gaming equipment.

Access more than 15 complete games with vast universes and elaborate gameplays, and enjoy a collection with ever more novelties for ever more discovery.

Immerse yourself in the world of the characters with sound, light and visuals adapted to the games, and feel all the emotions of the game thanks to the robot's reactions.

Learn the rules quickly with interactive tutorials, and get straight into the game without any headaches.

You'll also retain all the values and sensations of board games, thanks to traditional materials. (cards, counters, tokens, figurines).

So, shall we play? Come and meet Alexis, Mathieu and Nicolas, the 3 co-founders of LudoTech, and preview the final version of our new OLEM console at the FIJ.