Catch Up Games

Catch Up Games is a publishing house base in Lyon and founded in 2014 by Clément and Seb. Long-time gamers, their initial goal was just to enjoy themselves… that is, to publish games they like, beyond any limitations from game types, commercial ranges, or box sizes… Though always keeping in mind that their games should also appeal to seasoned players such as themselves. Their knowledge of the hobby and experience in the gaming industry lead them to focus on original titles, both mechanically and graphically.

This year, we'll be greeting you with 3 games we're particularly fond (and proud) of:

  • Premiering on the show : Courtisans, a card game full of skullduggery. Tonight, the queen holds a banquet that everyone will attend. Will they leave a good impression? Backstabbing is fair game, and no trick is too dirty if it allows you to place your favorite families in the spotlight.
  • Faraway, (nominated for the As d'Or Initiés !) an innovative game that will have you travel one way, then score on your way back… Don't miss the opportunity to play this globally acclaimed game!
  • Mind Up!, our current bestseller! A simple yet clever card game where you must guess your opponents' intentions to get the cards you're after…

We're also offering you a chance to meet with the designers behind these games, with signing sessions and tournaments:

  • Signing sessions with Corentin Lebrat & Johannes Goupy (Faraway) and Romaric Galonnier & Anthony Perone (Courtisans): Thursday 14:00-15:00 (Faraway only), Friday 11:00-12:00 and Saturday 14:00-15:00 : vendredi à partir de 14h30
  • Mind Up! tournament: Friday starting at 14:30
  • Courtisans tournament: Friday starting at 17:15
  • Faraway tournament: Saturday starting at 15:15

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We'll be expecting you! :)

Mind Up!