Tossit is a new game that mixes petanque, darts, and the spirit of molkky. Two teams throw their Tossits (silicone darts) the closest as possible to the Jack (cochonnet). 🎯 Round after round, teams score points and the first one that reaches 13 points wins the game.

Tossit can be played wherever the suction cups stick. So, stop looking for a petanque strip, a dartboard, find the nearest flat surface and start to play right away. ⚡️ The floor is definitely not the only option. These surfaces can work too: table, countertop, fridge door, windows, wall, car, ping-pong table, white board, billboard, etc.

Born during the covid-period, Tossit is the result of a bunch of friends who put their “talents” the service of fun. ✌🏻

“We had to find a common game of skill to bring together the children, the adults, and us, the ones who were running on coffeeS, lines of code, emails, social networks… In short, a common thing to let off steam and have fun even inside (and show who was the best, important 👊🏻).”


Bringing fun, entertainment, people closer to each other and making them laugh in their daily routine is our mission number one. ☺️ We love the idea that to stay serious, focused, and positive, you need those little moments where you let your emotions, your energy, and your playful mood go out. 🤪

We, Mankind, surely face one of the biggest challenge we have ever encountered AND becoming killjoys won’t solve it. Doing better every day, putting common sense back into everything to continue living and having fun is our second mission. 🤝

Our products and our packaging are simple. We value people more than marketing. We share fun and experience with those willing to smile back.

Have fun, be responsible, and Just Toss it. 🔥