Eva Szarzynski
Eva Szarzynski

With 10 years' experience in coordinating Parisian projects that count in the world of games: 

- l'R de Jeux, France's largest open-air toy library, on the emblematic Place de la République;

- Ludomouv', mobile toy libraries which, in fine weather, criss-cross the capital's parks, quays, squares and gardens.

Eva Szarzynski co-founded the Bingo! association to put her experience of playing in public spaces to good use and develop outdoor play facilities throughout France!

Her taste for play stems from her family environment and from summer camps! Her fondest memories include :
- a 1,000-piece aquatic-themed puzzle put together with 10 hands by his parents, brother and sister. All accompanied by the song "Belle-île-en-Mer" playing on a loop!
- happy games of Rummikub, Scrabble and the infernal Excellence on long winter evenings
- great rounds of Loups-garous de Thiercelieux, frenzied games of Kamelot and 6 qui prend!
- his first board game purchase: Les Aventuriers du Rail, in 2004.

After a few years of nomadism around the world, always with a game in her bag, she decided to go back to school in 2012 and discovered by chance the existence of Cholet's Licence professionnelle en métiers du Jeu et du Jouet.

That's how her passion became her professional activity!
Spreading the culture of play everywhere (especially in public spaces) and for everyone is her leitmotiv.

She's delighted to act as a spokesperson for all the audiences she meets throughout the year, offering both contemporary and classic board games in her various play areas.