Marie Giordana
Marie Giordana

Marie is a lifelong player: she spends every Sunday with her family playing classics such as Monopoly, Yes, La Bonne Paie and even discovered poker at the tender age of 8.
In 2011 she became a children's animator and used her creativity and love for cosplay to make children happy.
Marie also discovered modern board games with her colleagues, such as the Saboteur, Give me five and her favorite: Love Letter.
From that moment, little by little, the games started piling up in her living room. By spreading the fun of playing to her friends and family, Marie very quickly became the go to person for successful game nights.
In 2019, she applied as a facilitator and advisor at Magic bazar, where she really enjoyed sharing her passion with clients.
A year ago she created an Instagram account: marie.grd.jeux, mixing cosplay and gaming, a world that continues to fascinate her.
Last but not least she became the Community Manager at Playin by Magic Bazar in May 2021 and is now in charge of their social media and some other activities of the game bar. Her evenings turn into great encounters with players, publishers and authors.